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"to conserve and regenerate the Community of Rhynie for the benefit of its members and the wider public"

Present projects

Projects which are currently being progressed.

Rhynie Pictish Stones

We have recently commissioned a study by consultants of the Pictish stones present around the village. This has been in conjunction with Aberdeen University and Aberdeenshire Council.

The final report has been received which considers the present state of the stones and how they would be best displayed for the benefit of residents and visitors. It includes suggestions for priority works and some indication of budget costing. The report can be downloaded here .

Some of the priority work has now been completed. The stones situated near to the cemetery are in a shelter. This has now been repaired with a new roof to continue to protect the stones. Also an application has been made to Historic Environment Scotland for a Scheduled Monument Consent to enable a protective fence to be erected around the Craw Stane. Enquiries are also proceeding towards appointing a stone conservator to report on the condition of all the stones in the village.

Rhynie Chert SSSI

This site, which lies to the east of Essie Road on the northern boundary of the village, is currently managed by Scottish Natural Heritage. Little has been done apart from some tree planting, and the pasture is let for annual grazing. SNH have suggested that we might participate with them in developing other uses for the site within the constraints of the SSSI.

We are presently thinking about how the site might benefit the village. One suggestion would be to route a path over the site to join with the higher path up Tap o Noth. It might also be possible to improve the access to the planted area to enable its use by visitors. To enable this a footbridge has been constructed across the Essie Burn with a path from the road near to the road bridge.

Wheedlemont Turbine Fund

The developers of the wind turbines at Upper Wheedlemont Farm are providing a community fund for the benefit of the villages of Rhynie and Lumsden. A sub-committee has been set up to manage and distribute the funds which will become available to applicants for community projects in the two villages.

A payment for the first year has been received and applications for grants invited. A sum of £9660 was paid to RCT and 8 projects were approved totalling £4670 and were awarded grants. The remaining sum will be carried forward to next year for another round of funding.

Unfortunately, due to miscalculation by the developers we have been overpaid. This will be adjusted over the coming years but it appears to mean that there will be no further payments until probably 2022.

Rhynie Congregational Church - Updated

This building is presently owned and used by the Masons and is in a poor state of repair. It is listed on the Buildings at Risk Register and will require considerable structural work to secure it for future use.

RCT commissioned a structural survey to establish the scope of remedial work and a feasibility study to look at how the building can be best utilised as a community space. The architect's report has been received which outlines a number of possible scenarios for the redevelopment of the building.

The board are presently considering the most appropraite and useful development to meet the likely requirements of the greatest number of user groups. Once  this is complete we propose to present the ideas for consideration by the members to decide how the project will be taken forward.

August 2018 - following 2 years of discussion between the Board and the Lodge the project has unfortunately come up against a major impediment.The sale of the building is opposed by one or more of the members of the Lodge so we are no longer pursuing this project.

Rhynie Gala

Rhynie Gala has now been part of the yearly calendar for over 30 years which is a great achievement for a small community and is still going strong! This is obviously as a result of a great committee and the many loyal helpers and supporters who turn up from far and wide. RCT is represented on the organising committee.

Rhynie Village Centre - unfortunately now abandoned.

A project to acquire suitable premises for the development of a village centre. This was to be the first phase of the overall development, however, due to difficulties with funding the project had to be abandoned.

Negotiations for the acqisition of the Gordon Arms Hotel, which lies at the heart of the village, were discontinued when the funding application to Scottish Land Fund was refused. This project would have allowed the provision of a suitable hall in the short term together with the continuation of the bar and accommodation which would benefit the community. Other opportunities will now be investigated.

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