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The RCT 100 Club

The RCT 100 Club is a fund raising scheme for the Trust. The Club is open to members and non-members of RCT. It will have a maximum membership of 100, who each donate £5.00 per month into the fund with a draw taking place each month. Four prizes will be awarded from each draw with a total prize fund of 60% of the monthly take; the remaining 40% will go to the Trust to further its charitable causes.

The Rules of the RCT 100 Club can be downloaded here .

Due to the CoVid pandemic the usual procedure of prize awards was amended. For the period March to July 2020 funds were agglomerated and prizes of £50 and £25 awarded to the members listed below. We returned to normal from August 2020. The prize winners for August 2021 are as follows:

1st prize Brian Stewart (s) £100
2nd prize Louise Wink £50
3rd prize Clair Dow £30
4th prize Susan Daly, £20
5th prize Pam Manning £15

Previous winners:

Winners for 2016 to 2020 can be downloaded here .

  • January 2021 - Margaret Young, Jane Findlater, Craig Hoggan, Cathy Cordiner, Anne Cormack
  • February 2021 - Colin Mumford, Jackie Hall, Rikki Dow, Cathy Cordiner, Charlie Wright
  • March - Alex Forbes, Paul Reed, Steve Miller, Christina Crawford, Gordon Wink
  • April - Debbie Beeson, Rachel Mann, Paul Manning, Kenny Mathieson, Philip Shand
  • May - Iris French, Colin Neesom, James Duncan, Kate Howie, Brian Stewart (j)
  • June - Ali Bruce, Ian Smart, Li Yan Chen, Anny Davies, Davie Allan
  • July - Jock Hunter, Carole Sherriffs, James Paxton, Dorothy Staples, Deborah Smith

Notices of monthly draws will be posted every month in the window of 'Fourteen', the corner shop, and, when possible, the notice board.

There are currently 100 members, so the membership is full. There is a waiting list for anyone wishing to join the Club and prospective members should contact:

Colin Neesom,
Woodbine Cottage,
The Muirs,
AB54 4GB

Tel. : 01464 861004

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