Rhynie Community Facilities Development Charitable Trust
"to conserve and regenerate the Community of Rhynie for the benefit of its members and the wider public"

Rhynie square and Tap O Noth

RCT is short for RHYNIE CHARITABLE TRUST – and, since its full name is the Rhynie Community Facilities Development Charitable Trust Ltd, it’s probably better to stick to the short version.

As the “Ltd” on the end suggests, RCT is already a Company, although it is a "company limited by guarantee" so does not have to display the Ltd.  Amongst other things, because it is set up as a company, it has access to funding from outside the community e.g. from the Lottery as well as other charities and local and national Government.

RCT aims to be the overall structure which will coordinate the Community’s efforts to raise funds as well as to develop and manage initiatives, projects and programmes. These efforts will be in cooperation with individuals and organisations in the Community, as well as the wider public or private sector, which are capable of assisting RCT to achieve its objectives. You will see that RCT is a Charity as well as a company which gives it some advantages over non Charities.

The outline Charitable Objectives of the Company are to:

- “...plan and encourage measures that will be of recreational, social, educational and/or environmental benefit to the Community and the public generally...”

Thus RCT plans to be the focal point for, and manager of, funding for locally initiated voluntary group activities, social enterprises, community businesses etc.

Next board meeting

The next Board meeting will be on Wednesday 20 March 2024, 7:30pm. in No.14 The Square, Rhynie.

Any matters for consideration by the Board should be notified by Monday 11 March 2024.

News and notices

Latest News

RCT Board members (12:10 AM, 03/01/2024)

Following the last AGM, the Board have now met and have appointed officers. Colin Mumford is replacing Mike Davies as Chair and George Beverly will serve as Vice-chair.

The positions of Secretary and Treasurer will be filled by Janice Smith.

RCT support request (1:32 AM, 08/31/2023)

Rhynie Charitable Trust are conducting a flyer distribution to connect with all village residents. Flyers will be delivered to all addresses within the next 2 weeks. Your response would be appreciated.

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Community Action Plan Survey (10:23 AM, 12/15/2022)

Following the earlier post about this survey we have added the questionnaire to the website for completion on-line. Go to 'Survey' then 'New survey'. There is no closing date at the moment for submissions but this will be set shortly.

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AGM 2022 (2:28 AM, 12/08/2022)

The Annual General Meeting for RCT will be held on Sunday 27 November 2022 at 14:00 in No.14, The Square, Rhynie. A Special Resolution to amend the constitution will be presented to members for approval. The Special resolution can be downloaded here.

Community Action Plan Survey (2:31 AM, 12/08/2022)

We are planning to establish a Community Action Plan for Rhynie and need to carry out a survey of residents. The survey questionnaire can be downloaded here.

RCT 100 Club (12:52 AM, 12/07/2022)

The RCT 100 Club has, sadly, been discontinued due to Colin Neesom moving from the village. Collection of subscriptions have now ceased and those members who paid by Direct Debit should  cancel these. We thank Colin for his stirling efforts with the Club and wish him well in his new home.

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AGM 2021 (12:46 AM, 12/07/2022)

The Annual General Meeting for 2021 will take place on Sunday 10 October 2021 in No.14 The Square, Rhynie.

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