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Rhynie Chert SSSI

Administrator (admin) on 06/12/2022

This site, which lies to the east of Essie Road on the northern boundary of the village, is currently managed by Scottish Natural Heritage. Little has been done apart from some tree planting, and the pasture is let for annual grazing. SNH have suggested that we might participate with them in developing other uses for the site within the constraints of the SSSI.

We are presently thinking about how the site might benefit the village. One suggestion would be to route a path over the site to join with the higher path up Tap o Noth. It might also be possible to improve the access to the planted area to enable its use by visitors. To enable this a footbridge has been constructed across the Essie Burn with a path from the road near to the road bridge.

We are presently negotiating a lease for the tree-planted area to enable us to develop footpaths similar to Moss Wood for local residents to use. This may include a path up to the Wndyfield road which could potentially link onwards towards the hill paths up towards Tap o Noth, allowing largely off-road routes on to the Tap from the village.


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