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"to conserve and regenerate the Community of Rhynie for the benefit of its members and the wider public"

Membership flyer

This flyer has been distributed to all addresses within the catchment area of the Trust. We would appreciate the response from members, past members and non-members.

At the present time (September 2023) we are very keen to establish the support in the village for our continuing work on a number of projects. Without the support of the village we will be unable to progress various projects where we would need to raise funding from grant-awarding organisations.

In addition to the flyer as distributed we have a slightly more comprehensive version, which gives additional information and requests a more detailed response. This appears below in a form which can be completed on-line.

Flyer 2023

What have we achieved in the past

  • Planted Moss Wood Community Orchard in partnership with Aberdeenshire Council and Tap O Noth Community Council
  • Refurbished Rhynie Gala toilet unit
  • Improved and recorded local paths working with other communities and groups
  • Laid a new pathway from the car park for access to the top of Tap O’Noth.
  • Added exit mirrors to facilitate safe exit from The Tap car park.
  • Facilitated the creation of Car Aid Rhynie.
  • Facilitated the start of Baby and Toddler Group.
  • Staging the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations with other community groups.

What we hope to achieve, with your help, in the future?

  • Community ownership of the Old School Hall to create a community hub
  • Continue work on the local paths network.
  • Creating a safe off-road path from the Village to Tap O’Noth.
  • Conservation and display of the Pictish stones including return of Rhynie Man.
  • Investigate the creation of an “On demand, Donation” Bus service.
  • Investigate the demand and support for a Mens Shed in the village.

Wheedlemont Turbine Fund:

RCT receives an annual payment of around £2500 which, along with our neighbouring parish of Lumsden, is distributed as grants addressing the themes :- sense of community, enhancing our environment, health and well-being, life-long learning, heritage and the arts. Since 2019 over £20000 of funds have been distributed for continuing projects, activities, and events.

What would you like us to do?

We are open to suggestions for how you would like Rhynie to develop in the future. Marr Area Partnership would like us to develop a Community Action Plan for the village. We have survey forms which you can complete to tell us what you think of Rhynie and what you would like to see.

Survey forms can be completed on-line here and here.

We are currently at a crisis point, we need members and directors to continue this work. Without enough members or directors we won’t legally be able to continue with projects or receive and distribute community benefit funds to our local community. We urgently need people willing to act as Secretary and Treasurer (not necessarily as directors).

Rhynie Charitable Trust is a community controlled organisation. We need your help to make Rhynie a vibrant and flourishing place for everyone. The more members we have, the more credibility we have to take forward projects, secure funding and influence decisions – it’s also a great way to keep up to date with what we’re doing and to find out how you can get involved in our projects! Membership is open to any Rhynie resident, lifetime membership is free. Being a member doesn’t oblige you to volunteer with us, it is purely a means of showing us your support.

Already a member? We need you to confirm your membership please and complete the form.

Think you were once a member? Complete the form and we can check.

Not a member yet? Please consider joining to show your support for the work of RCT.


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RCT takes the privacy of our members seriously and will only use your personal information for administration purposes and communicating with you about your membership and our activities.
More information about how we look after your data can be provided on request. We will never share or sell your data without your prior permission.

Completed forms can be handed to any Board member, left at The Corner Shop or posted to Mike Davies at Braehead, Rhynie, AB54 4LS

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